Gibson Tractor Fest – 2021 Longmont, Colorado

The Yesteryear Farm Show in Longmont, Colorado is scheduled for August 27th-29th, 2021. The Gibson will be the featured tractor at the show and all are invited to bring their Gibsons. If you can spare them, please bring parts to swap or sell. The show will be located at the Dougherty Museum Grounds locatedContinue reading “Gibson Tractor Fest – 2021 Longmont, Colorado”

The Gibson Manufacturing Company

Harry A. Gibson founded the Gibson Manufacturing Corporation (located at 2910 1st. Avenue South) in Seattle, Washington, in 1933, to build railroad cars to transport loggers and supplies to and from logging camps. Gibson also dealt with equipment refurbishment, repairing and reselling used logging equipment, generators, engines, locomotives, and tractors.  The company decided to capitalizeContinue reading “The Gibson Manufacturing Company”

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